Hi, I am Gail Serna. I channel the loving energy of the angels as a Psychic Medium.

I use my gifts to align you with your soul's calling, purpose, receiving guidance on career, family relationships or matters of the heart. 

Trust me, there are times in life when we all benefit from receiving higher guidance to help us on our soul's path.   In the work that I do, I will help you connect with your angels, guides, higher source energy, and your soul's wisdom to help you move forward on  your path. I believe that when we bathe in the light, healing takes place. Helping you connect with this magnificent energy is where the answers to most of your life's issues are found. So if you want to  gain clarity on your life path or career, clear old patterns, and connect with deceased loved ones, you are in the right place! 

I enjoy what I do. It is very rewarding to do this type of work and this work is an invocation or a calling.




Gail Serna

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